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  1. Spinach and Vanilla Rice Casserole

    Rice 6

    We have been having Wedding Planning Nights at our home in preparation for Ian & Malia’s marriage in September. We are so very excited about having the celebration on our farm and helping out where we can. Jim & I have been planning their honeymoon, but it is a surprise, so I can’t tell you

  2. Vanilla Poha Berry Muffins

    Poha 7

    Happy Mother’s Friday! At least, that’s what I’m calling it. Having five children, I figure I’d better milk as much celebration out of this special day as possible, so I have had Mother’s Wednesday, Mother’s Thursday, today, tomorrow, and then the Grande Finale on Sunday–for a total of 5 Mother’s Day wonderfulness. Today, Isaac is

  3. Meatless Monday Taco Salad

    Champagne vinaigrette

    What dressing goes good on a Taco Salad?   I love a good, big salad. Especially when we grow the crisp greens and they are so fresh you can practically feel the goodness in them. Especially when the tomatoes and cilantro are grown right down the street. The onions are from Maui. I love that

  4. Leftover Peppermint Bark …what’s a girl to do?

    Cookies, Crinkle peppermint 4

    Leftover Peppermint Bark …what’s a girl to do? I was so excited to see peppermint bark for sale last December–that I certainly bought too much.  This is something I tend to do with supplies for my kitchen since I live so far from everything and on this island, if you see something once at the

  5. Emma’s 18th Birthday!

    Emma 18 & Us

    Bittersweet Birthday Emma turned 18 last week. She is such a lovely person to be with. What I mean is, we look forward to just being with her. She is an incredibly gifted, creative person with a “bar-room” laugh (as Jim says, although, I don’t know what he could possibly be referring to, ahem). She

  6. Vanilla Mulled Wine

    mulled wine

    Ahhhhhh, it’s Saturday…..time to slow down and anticipate a relaxing winter evening.  We hopefully will be warming up soon on the Mountain!  Today is glorious–clear, crisp, blue skies and no wind.  There is still snow on the peaks, and there is a chill in the air, but I can tell we won’t be having this

  7. Recipe: Vanilla Lilikoi Poundcake


      One of our most requested recipes is for our Vanilla Lilikoi Poundcake, which is served at both our Up Country Teas and our Tasting events.  We also have it available to purchase in our Sweet Shop at the Mill if you just drive up and want  something sweet and delectable to eat–make sure to

  8. Hot Buttered Vanilla-Rum


    It has been cold and rainy on our mountain in Hawaii. I’m not complaining, but rather enjoying the change of pace. Sometimes, it is nice to have some “introspective weather”, as I call it. Jim is picking up some more firewood this afternoon to keep our cement-floored home toasty, while the snow piles up on

  9. A Walk In the Rain, Tapas & Wine


    A Walk In the Rain, Tapas & Wine We hosted our very first Saturday afternoon/evening event with a narrated-history tour given by Jim followed by tapas and wine at the Mill. It was a bit rainy, but our intrepid participants came ready to brave the weather.  Armed with umbrellas, they headed out for almost an

  10. My Epic Fail or, How I Made A Trifle Out Of A Failed Genoise


    I love that the word “trifle” has more than one meaning; it can mean something of little, or no value; it can mean frivolously spending ones time (which I thought I had done when making this framboise); my dad always used to say,”You better not be trifling with me!” or, it can refer to a

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