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Making Vanilla Lemonade


For those of you who have had the opportunity to visit the Hawaiian Vanilla Mill in Paauilo, Hawaii you might of sampled a glass of our cool refreshing lemonade. Praised for its wonderful blending of flavors Vanilla Lemonade is known for its not to sweet, not to sour flavor. Making this wonderful drink at home is a sinch!


– 1 Cup Vanilla Sugar/ or 1/6 of  a Vanilla Bean

– 2 Cups Regular Sugar ( use 3 cups if using a vanilla bean)

– 2 Cups Lemon Juice

– One Gallon Water


Combine all ingredients in pitcher. Stir thoroughly. Chill till cold. Enjoy!

What the Vanilla is doing in this drink is amazing. Vanilla rounds out the acidity of the lemon and enhances the flavor of the sugar creating a prefect lemonade. A lemonade that’s not to sweet, and not to sour at the same time! Feel free to experiment with this recipe and leave your comments below!

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